About New Beginning Baptist Church

Who we are.

New Beginning Baptist Church is an Independent Baptist Church located on the corner of Highway 280 and Butler Bridge Road (2 miles from the airport). 

We are self-governing and self-supporting, with the Lord Jesus Christ as our head. 

The King James Bible is our sole authority for faith and practice. 

We are a missions supporting church with the goal to have enough missionaries around the world, so that the sun will never set on our ministry. 

We at New beginning believe the God wants the ones that call themselves Christians to be different and Christlike before the world. 

Check out our Articles of Fatih.

Welcome to our website

This website contains information about our church and our ministries. Please come back often to check on updates and our most recent information. You can use the contact page and send us a message to add you to the contact list. We will send you and email when we have significant updates to this website.
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