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 Praying On the Mountian - November 2, 2020
Prayer for a Spiritual Awakening 
November 2, 2020 is designated a day of prayer and fasting.
  Praying on theMountain was an event organized to pray for spiritual awakening in America prior to the elction in 2020.  The need for a spiritual awakening was great as America was facing a grave turning point in both political and social relms.  The blatent disregard of all that is good about America is being forgoten and as a society, America is rejecting God and turning to its own wicked ways.  The national moto "In God We Trust" is being rejected, our flag is disrespected, our history is being changed, our founding father are being slandered, and the  constitution and the christian principles that were the foundation of our nation have been distorted and rejected.  It is obveous that since the elections evil is abounding and America is facing God's Judgement.  With the Lord's soon return, we need to continue to pray and fast for a grest awakening before it is too late.

Praying on the Mountian was the vision of Rev. Fred Lunsford.  At the age of 96 Rev. Junsford believed that the  Lord gave him a vision to pray for a Spiritual Awakening.  Hundreds of thousands signed up to pray on November 2, 2020 prior to the elction.  The election has come and gone but the need for spiritual awakening is greater than ever.  Keep praying and fasting for America and the World. 

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