Our Missionaries

New Beginning Baptist Church is a missions supporting church with the goal to have enough missionaries around the world, so that the sun will never set on our ministry. The following is the present list of missionaries we support with links to their prayer cards.

Missionaries that we support:  

Wesley and Evelyn Hutchens          Western USA 
Jason and Amanda Hamby            Quebec Canada
Tom and Laura Ebert                    Jewish Evangelism - Milwaukee WI USA
Clint and Rita Vernoy                    Paraguay, South America 
Stanley and Melinda Ewing           Indonesia 
Bob Doom                                   Russian Bible Society
Gary and Maria Arutiunov            Georgian Widows 
Tommy and Jo Ann Tillman            Thailand 
Mitch and Baljmaa Tillman            Mongolia 
Joe and Lisa Kotvas                      Peru, South America
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Hamby             Director, Macedonia Missions 
Frankie and Sandra Sheridan        Chippewa - Fargo, ND 
Mike and Mona Hajj                    God's Living Word to the Arab World

Other missionaries we support with prayers:

Ricky and Joy Orias
Jewish Evangelism in Toronto Canada.                 

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