Adult Sunday School Class  -  God’s Word for the Modern World

The Adult Sunday School Class meets in the main aditorium and begins at 9:30 AM.  

Our class topics are chosen to edify the Church and equip the Saints for service and
are based on biblical truths.
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Our present topic is SPIRITUAL WARFARE.  
Spiritual warfare is real and happens all around us every day. In this study we will try to understand several aspects of spiritual warfare so that we can fight the good fight and live daily in victory. We need to understand the insight scriptures give us on the warfare, the battles, the commanders, the battle plans, and purpose of the war. If we want to live victorious daily then we need understand the enemy, their tactics, the effect of the tactics both spiritually and physically. Likewise, we need understand God’s purpose, his strategies to counter the enemy’s tacticd the effects both spiritually and physically that these strategies have on believers.
Videos of our class - find us and subscribe on YouTube, search for NBBC280
March 07, 2021           Spiritual Warfare - Purpose of the Armor of God (Part 2)

February 28, 2021        Spiritual Warfare  -  Purpose of the Armor of God (Part 1)
February 14, 2021         Spiritual Warfare - Praying Always (Part 3)

January 03, 2021          Spiritual Warfare - Praying Always (Part 2)

December 20, 2020      Spiritual Warfare - Praying Always (Part 1)
December 13, 2020       Spiritual Warfare - The Sword of the Spirit (Part 2)
December 6, 2020        Spiritual Warfare - The Sword of the Spirit (Part 1)

November 29, 2020      Spiritual Warfare - Taking the Helmet of Salvation (Part 2)  
November 22, 2020      Spiritual Warfare - Taking the Helmet of Salvation (Part 1) 
November 15, 2020       Spiritual Warfare - Taking the shield of faith (Part 4)  
November 08, 2020      Spiritual Warfare - Taking the shield of faith (Part 3)                    
November 01, 2020       Spiritual Warfare - Taking the shield of faith (Part 2)                    

October 28, 2020          Guest Speaker - Clint Vernoy - Missionary to Paraguay 
October 25, 2020          Spiritual Warfare - Above all, taking the shield of faith
October 11, 2020           Spiritual Warfare - Feet Shod (part 3 - Preparation)
October 04, 2020          Spiritual Warfare - Feet Shod (part 2 - The Gospel of Peace)                   

September 27, 2020.      Spiritual Warfare - Feet Shod (part 1 - The Feet)
September 20, 2020      Spiritual Warfare - Breastplate of Righteousness (part 2)
September 13, 2020       Spiritual Warfare - Breastplate of Righteousness
September 6, 2020        Spiritual Warfare - Girt about with TRUTH (part 2)

August 30, 2020          Spiritual Warfare  -  Girt about with TRUTH
August 23, 2020          Spiritual Warfare  -  Having Done All, Stand
August 16, 2020           Spiritual Warfare  -  The Wiles of the Devil (part 3)
August  9, 2020           Spiritual Warfare  -  The Wiles of the Devil (part 2)  
August  2, 2020           Spiritual Warfare  -  The Wiles of the Devil 
July 26, 2020               Spiritual Warfare  -  Rely on God's Power (part 2)
July 19, 2020                Spiritual Warfare  -  Rely on God's Power         
July  5, 2020                Spiritual Warfare  -  continued 
June 28, 2020              Spiritual Warfare  -  continued                
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